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Welcome to Santa Clarita Driving School. 

I have over 30 years experience teaching people of all ages how to drive. 

-I teach beginners, brush ups, teens, adults and even deaf students.

-I pick you up from your work, school or home.

-I take you on the freeway, offer night-time lessons and teach you in the rain. I want to help you be prepared in any situation.

-I can prepare for and accompany you on your driving test.

-Appointments are available, 7 days a week. 

-All appointments are taught one-on-one to assure that you receive the instruction that you pay for. You will always have me as your instructor so that your training is consistant.

Discover what my 6,000+ students had received...the expertise that comes with 30 years of training experience!

"Street Smart Driving Instruction"
is what I teach all of my students so that you become a Safe Driver.

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